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Getting Started with GlitterBug

Hand washingHow clean are your hands? The answer will shock you. The fact is, most people aren’t washing their hands properly, even in hospitals. Proper hand hygiene and hand washing technique is vital in order to stop the spread of disease and germs. Many diseases spread due to improperly washed hands, and the risk is even greater in schools, hospitals, and workplaces where there are many people sharing resources and interacting.

GlitterBug products help you educate people on how to wash hands correctly. These are the two main products:

  1. GlitterBug Potion
    Used to demonstrate how you haven’t washed your hands properly.
  2. GlitterBug Powder
    Used to demonstrate how germs can spread simply by touching commonly used objects such as door handles and sign-in sheets
  3. GlitterBug Gel
    Used to demonstrate and test correct hand sanitisation technique.

Using GlitterBug Potion

Using GlitterBug Potion is simple:

  1. Squirt Glitterbug Potion onto your hands and rub it in, just as you would with moisturiser
  2. Wash and dry your hands
  3. Use the UV Torch to illuminate all the lotion that hasn’t been washed out. This represents germs which have been left to spread to everything you touch.

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Using GlitterBug Powder

GlitterBug Powder can help you demonstrate where germs can spread. Dust a little of the powder onto commonly touched items, such as door handles, sign in sheets, desks, and benches. Then, after a little usage, use the UV Torch to see where the powder has spread to – this is representative of germs spreading.

GlitterBug is perfect for schools, healthcare providers and food handling businesses. GlitterBug is an excellent teaching tool, and provides a memorable lesson in hand washing – users of GlitterBug are more likely to wash their hands properly in the future after experiencing GlitterBug.

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Using GlitterBug Gel

GlitterBug Gel is a product specifically designed for hand sanitiser training. With the increasing reliance on hand sanitisers within the medical and hospitality industry, correct hand sanitising technique is now just as important as their hand washing technique.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Ask people to use Glitterbug Gel as if it were a sanitiser (we recommend removing the label)
  2. Put your hands under the revealing UV torch.

Anywhere that glows has been in contact with the gel, and everywhere that isn’t glowing has been missed. If it had been a real sanitiser, only the glowing parts would have been sanitised.

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