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Hand Hygiene

Proper hand hygiene is critical to stop the spread of diseases, bacteria, germs, and other nasties which are best kept to ourselves. Despite the importance of hand hygiene, there are still so many people who don’t wash their hands properly. The reason? They haven’t been taught how to do it properly, or they think it isn’t so important.

We have the solution: GlitterBug helps you train people on the correct hand washing technique and provides them with a memorable experience to give them a reason to wash their hands correctly every time. GlitterBug only costs AU$45.00 (plus taxes, shipping and UV torch).

The photo to the lest is what GlitterBug reveals to you after you use it (the bright colours on your hands represents remaining bacteria).

Want to get started in GlitterBug? Read more about the products and their use, then visit our secure online store.

Want more information on Hand Hygiene? Discover proper hand washing technique, download the World Health Organisation’s hand washing guide, and read some hand washing statistics.

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