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World Health Organisation Hand Washing Guide

Free Hand Washing Poster

The World Health Organisation has published a poster illustrating exactly how you should wash your hands. It’s pretty comprehensive, and shows 11 (technically 12) steps for proper hand washing. Stick it up next to the sink, or in the staff room.
Download Poster

Two reasons why a poster is a waste of time

We think that we can put a poster on the wall and people will take the time to read it, and then change their behaviour. The big flaw with this idea is this:

Most people think they know how to wash their hands.

And even if they think they don’t know

Most people think that what they do is good enough.

This means that they think that a poster won’t be able to teach them anything, and even if it could, it really doesn’t matter.

But people don’t know how to wash their hands

From our experience, we would say that the success rates for washing the various parts of the hands are:

  • Palms: 90% (most people just rub their hands under water so of course the palms will be clean)
  • Back of hands: 70%
  • Webbing: 20%
  • Finger nails: 0%
  • Wrist: 5%
  • Edge of hand (near little finger): 30%

From a cross-contamination perspective, it is the wrist and the edge of the hand that make contact with a surface and are usually not cleaned effectively.  What I don’t like about the World Health Organisation’s procedure is the failure to clean the wrist. So my recommendation is to also do a quick clean around your wrist as well.

And that’s for when people DO try to wash their hands. Research in hospitals show that staff wash their hands far less than they should.

The solution is simple

The key to successful hand washing training is change these two attitudes.

Imagine being able to have someone wash their hands normally, and then magically reveal all the bacteria and contaminates that they missed. If you could instantly show them that their hands are still covered with germs, do you think they would start to pay attention?

Once a person knows “why”they need to pay attention, you then have a chance of demonstrating “how”.

Effective hand washing training

GlitterBug Potion is the perfect way to teach, and have everyone remember, how important it is to wash your hands.

The potion works like this:

  1. Squirt the potion onto your hands and rub it around
  2. Wash your hands under water, as you want (use soap, too)
  3. Shine a UV light onto your supposedly ‘washed’ hands and see the results.

We recommend that you use it twice:

  1. BEFORE starting hand washing training, use Glitterbug Potion to test people. Prove to them that they need to pay attention.
  2. Instruct them on how to wash their hands effectively
  3. Retest using Glitterbug Potion.

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