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How to train people in Hand Washing

There is more to good hand washing procedures than simply putting up a poster on the wall next to the sink. Everyone needs to be consciously aware of the impact hand washing really has on health. What if people could actually see the effect of hand washing?

With GlitterBug Potion, it’s now possible to see the exact impact of your hand washing. Here’s how it works:

  1. Rub the lotion into your hands
  2. Wash your hands as you usually would
  3. Shine a UV torch onto your hands. What do you see?

The photo on the left shows someone’s hands after they have washed. The fluro colours made visible by the UV torch represent bacteria, germs and anything else still living on your hands after washing.

Disgusting, isn’t it? You’d be shocked if you knew exactly how many people wash their hands this poorly.

Take action today! GlitterBug Potion only costs AU$45.00, plus shipping, taxes and the UV torch. Buy GlitterBug Potion right now in our secure online store.

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